Kisirinya Joseph Nyasari

  • Accountant
  • Accountancy, banking and finance
  • Member Since, May 24, 2023


  • Laghe Venture Company Limited. 2019 - 2021


     Checks and analyses financial information and prepares more understandable financial reports and accounting statements so that senior management has accurate and timely information for making financial decisions.  Coordinates the issuance of monthly financial reports such as Income Statement, Balance sheet, Account consolidation, and consolidation of Tangible and Intangible assets, weekly and monthly Margins. Budget reports, Investment Projects control. Prepare Reports weekly, monthly, and annually. Assist in development of budget. Perform and review account reconciliation’s  Schedules monthly tax payments, VAT with the monthly sales and purchases records, perform reconciliation of income tax and withholding taxes and arrange payments on accounts, keep records of excise duties deducted by the Bank for payments made to suppliers  Keeps control of such legal books and records of accounts as General Ledger, Sales records, credit notes, purchase records and inventories.  Assists in managing the credit process by working closely with internal or external auditor to ensure that the required information provided timely so that the audit completed as scheduled.  Assists in preparation of annual financial report including financial statements, notes, supporting schedules, transmittal letter and statistical information  Prepare provisional tax returns and ensure that provisional tax payments are done timely  Prepares VAT returns on monthly basis and submit to Tanzania Revenue Authority on time.