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Under the Danvast Group Limited brand, Danvast Careers Search provides a global search engine for finding new openings or employment as well as staff outsourcing, recruitment services, and career guidance. A website offers millions of the newest job openings from commercial businesses, non-profit organizations, and governmental organizations throughout the world. In addition, we assist hundreds of businesses in their search for qualified candidates for sustainable development as a recruitment agency.

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Our Featured Services

A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

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    Recruitment Services

    All of this begins with hiring the appropriate candidates for the appropriate positions, and that's where we come in. selecting and hiring candidates with backgrounds ranging from blue collar to executive level.

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    We provide Outsourcing services which is based on our extensive understanding of the businesses and industries of our clients.

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    Payroll Management Services

    For an organization, effective payroll administration services have a huge double advantage.

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    e-HRM Systems

    The HR services can finally be integrated into your organization's strategic initiatives by automating regular processes.

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    Training and Career Coaching

    We will create a training program specifically for your staff in order to meet their developmental needs and offers job transition services.

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    HR Legal Compliance

    Compliance with employment legislation presents a complex combination of problems for firms.