Grace Lawrence

  • Accountant
  • Accountancy, banking and finance
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About Grace Lawrence

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Industry Finance and economic
  • Years of Experience 6-8



  • Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)2018 - 2019

    Finance Field

    i.Registered Tax payment orders on the Revenue Gateway System (RGS 1.4). ii.Posted and reconciled tax payments on ITAX System, prepared inventory system, bank and petty cash reconciliation and made revision and verification of Staff imprest retirements iii.Provided the tax advices and education to taxpayers as well as good customer services iv.Processed Payments on EPICOR System v.Prepared interim expenditure and financial reports, budgets, payment vouchers and writing cheques vi.Ensured that proper record of documents and accurate filing of financial documents like receipts, and vouchers

  • National Audit Office (NAO) - Headquarter2019 - 2020

    External Auditor Intern

    i.Examined the books of account with the documentary evidence to ensure if the transactions have been correctly authorized, allocated and properly entered in the books (vouching). ii.Compared the general ledger against bank statement to check for any irregularities (bank reconciliation). iii.Checked accuracy of financial statements – recalculation or recomputation of depreciation. Checked for discrepancy between receiving and issuing documents to confirm if financial records match the physical count – by stock counting.

  • KPMG Tanzania2020 - 2021

    External Auditor Intern

    i.Planned effective auditing processes ii.Audited financial statements to catch errors, misstatements and fraud, and assessed accounts for accuracy and regulatory compliance iii.Inspected internal systems and controls by Performing audits on systems, operations and accounts iv.Assessed risk management tactics v.Performed audits of non-financial areas, like Health & Safety and IT vi.Reported systematic errors or fraud indicators Reported audit findings and recommending improvements

  • Ilala Municipal2021 - 2023

    Revenue colector-Accountant

    i.Examined tax liability according to prescribed laws and regulations. ii.I facilitated the collection process through various means such as invoicing, electronic payments, or other established methods. iii.I maintained detailed records of tax or revenue collections for reporting and auditing purposes, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial transactions. iv.Ensured all taxes and fees have been paid on time. v.Managed the records of incoming revenue transactions and facilitating the printing of customer receipts using the POS system to maintain accurate financial records and provide excellent customer service. vi.I regularly reviewed and reconciled POS records with bank deposits to ensure consistency and accuracy. vii.Maintained register or journal ledgers for back up.

  • Kuringe Real Estate Company Limited2023 - Present

    Finance Manager

    i.Preparing and monitoring budget performance and provide regular updates to management, identifying any deviations and recommending corrective actions. ii.Ensuring accurate and timely payment of all taxes and other fees. iii.Preparing timely and accurate financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and other financial metrics. iv.Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and accounting standards in all financial reporting activities. v.Implementing effective cash management strategies to maximize liquidity while minimizing risk. vi.Implement internal controls to safeguard assets and ensure the integrity of financial data.