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  • Umoja Kilosa JV 2019 - Present

    Workshop Manager, Transport Officer, Equipment Supervisor and Maintenance Supervisor

     Supervise, plan, coordinate trucks, motor vehicles and construction machineries servicing and maintenance activities including allocating project resources.  Organize mechanic and technicians to identify equipment, trucks and motor vehiclesto jointly solve out their breakdown.  Contacting with different spare parts suppliers for searching the required spare parts and negotiate prices as well as preparing the requisition documents for the construction machineries, trucks and motor vehicles so as to ensure its parts inventory matches in the system as well as proper store keeping and distribution for future repairing, service and maintenance.  Assess and estimate the damages of trucks, motor vehicles and construction machineries repair costs and make sure the spare parts or service are completed in a timely manner.  Encouraging and motivating the workforce in order to promote workshop and individual objectives.  Ensuring the production work in carried out accordingly  Managing company fleets, recruiting and training new drivers and operators to get quality drivers and operators and engaging them in the project to increase and improve the project workforce as well as organizing the training sessions for employees such that proper use of machines and handling of hazardous material and make sure staying up-to-date with safety regulations as well as testing,  Tracking, monitoring, recording the location and status of the construction equipment, trucks and motor vehicles as well as tracking and managing correctly the use of fuels in construction equipment, trucks and motor vehicles by using a tracking system to eliminate the misuse of fuels and high fuel consumption to minimize and protect the costs for running the project.  Coordinating the inspection, repair and routine maintenance of construction equipment and fleets so as to make sure they are properly well maintained.  Purchasing and ordering fuels for the project activities, supervising fuel pump attendant on supplying fuels on time to the construction equipment, trucks and motor vehicles.  Monitoring and preparing daily and monthly working reports, timesheets reports and equipment utilization reports for the assigned working construction equipment, trucks, motor vehicles and make sure the log books filled properly to keep well organized records.  Schedule and monitoring drivers and operators daily and weekly routes.  Prepare and processing drivers and operators monthly performance payments.  Visiting workplaces for monitoring and evaluation of the drivers and operators performance progress to reduce presence of slowness in the work, to reduce mistakes in workplaces as well as to reduce incidents of fuel thefts that may occur in the workplaces.  Scheduling the meetings and organize the drivers and operators to find the solutions of different challenges they are facing in the project activities.  Closely supervise, perform routine maintenance tasks of heavy equipment and machinery in the project and managing the staff who handles the machines and dictate workflows as well as setting priorities.  Inspecting, testing and adjusting equipment as well as scheduling workers, confirming delivery of equipment and working to achieve project targets.  Ensure that the workplace is up to federal labor standards and provide any safety training to employees as necessary.  Prepare and maintain accurate records, files and reports.  Researches and updates equipment parts list needed for stock.  Provide alternate solutions to technology manager for equipment distribution issues.  Follow up on incidents reports by gathering information, contacting people involved and determining corrective action to be taken with the approval of project manager.  Capable of performing all work duties of dispatchers, equipment techs and transporters as well as supervising the hiring of construction equipment, trucks and motor vehicles.  Performs other related duties as assigned or needed to support patient transport and equipment services.  Accounting to help in the operation and tracking of preventative maintenance.  Supervise hourly technicians.

  • SAC Insurance Surveyors E.A Limited 2017 - 2019

    Insurance Surveyor (Motor assessor, motor estimator and investigator of insurance claims)

     Inspect, assess and estimate the extent damages of the trucks, motor vehicles and construction equipment claimed by the claimants and to identify items that need repairing and items that need replacement as well as accurately record data from the vehicle including the correct vehicle identification and model details, mileage and modifications.  Finding the motor spare parts and negotiate its repairing costs to obtain a reasonable price for the repair, replacement and maintenance.  Obtain authorization from the Repairer and Client/Customer after reaching an agreement on maintenance costs in accordance with the cost provided by the technician, to proceed with repair to a vehicle and confirm the cost of the repair (if appropriate for the workplace).  Appraising a damaged vehicle and identify and record damage, including impact zone and severity.  Assess the current market value of vehicle using industry proprietary guides.  Interrogating the claimants as well as interviewing the witnesses and also report to the upper management of the insurance company.  Analyze property damages in order to find hints that might be hidden and sometimes to suspend the claims that require further investigation in order to resolve them appropriately.  Writing the reports, addendums and send them to the Insurance Companies (Insurers) so that they can deal with the claim accordingly.

  • National Institute of Transport (NIT)2014 - 2017

    Auto technician

    – Perform maintenance and repair on customer vehicles. – Identify problems with vehicles using the diagnostic equipment. – Explain automotive repairs and issues and provide great customer service. – Plan repair procedures using charts manuals and experience. Test the functionality of parts and systems – Perform basic auto care and maintenance tasks such as oil changes, fluid level checks, and tire rotation. – Repair and replace brake pads, wheel bearings, sensors and other parts. – Perform routine maintenance and general mechanic work on vehicles. – Prepared to get additional certification as needed. – Help keep repair shop clean and organized. – Keep a professional appearance.

  • Tigo Tanzania 2013 - 2014

    Team leader

     Product and service  Sales skills and customer care  Stock management, financial management, Investment and Entrepreneurship

  • Zantel 2012 - 2013

    Team leader

     Product and service  Sales skills and customer care  Stock management, financial management, Investment and Entrepreneurship