Sebastian Bota

  • Client Manager, Public Relations Officer, Hospitality Manager, Content Writer, Translator
  • Food and Hospitality
  • Member Since, July 5, 2023


  • Anna's Wild Garden, location Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Practical Permaculture Institute of Zanzibar, location Shakani, Zanzibar2021 - 2023


    Once the Coronavirus outbreak laid waste to the hospitality industry, I decided to use my savings for helping out as a volunteer and for learning more about sustainability. I’ve thus spent one year at the largest permaculture farm in Amsterdam and then 6 months at one of Zanzibar’s foremost organic farms. At Anna’s Tuin I gave a hand in the maintenance of the farm, participated in briefings and themed gatherings where information was disseminated and I generally observed the functioning of a commercially-viable organic farm. Coursing with new knowledge and experience, at P.P.I.Z. I was able to take on more complex tasks, such as providing insights in the administration and management of the farm and of its customer relations; helping with organizing the workload; doing farmwork – cultivation, maintenance, harvest, stockpiling and other activities; contributing to building the public image of the farm and attending to public relations. At both farms, projects were managed and executed by wonderful multinational teams.

  • Hotel Amadi Panorama / Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands2019 - 2020


    After taking a sabbatical year of traveling (December 2018 to December 2019) and learning more first-hand about hospitality services, I returned to work. Working mostly at the front desk, my tasks were very similar to the previous position, only on a much larger scale. The 76-room, 4-star establishment functioning according to the latest technological and environmental standards was an energizing hub with a continuous come-and-go of guests; besides reception and billing, I handled reservations, complaints, inquiries and the creation of personalized city tours. I also assisted the technical staff and helped with large refurbishing projects. My strongpoint was accommodating groups of over 10 persons.

  • NL Hotel district Leidseplein & No. 377 House / Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands2016 - 2018


    These are 3-star hotels of 13 and 15 rooms respectively, where my duties were extensive. I provided reception/accounting (reservations management, close contact with guests, billing, cashier, reviewing and responding to complaints and requests, reporting to management), managed the catering and supply chain, prepared and served breakfast, trained new employees. My goals were both the satisfaction of the guests and the proper functioning of the hotels as a whole. I found it challenging to keep all these aspects in mind and promptly respond to issues as they arose; but I learned that a calm and reassuring attitude, coupled with prioritization, attention and organization, are key to success.

  • Various casting bureaus / Location: The Netherlands, Belgium2011 - 2015


    Starting with a few small roles in tv series and commercials, within a few months this grew into a full-time activity. During these years, I was employed by a multitude of casting agencies as an actor and model in the Netherlands and Belgium. My responsibilities included preparation for the role; research and training of various skills; memorizing and rehearsing the text for the role; improvising on camera; promoting various events, fashion and lifestyle products, foods, drinks; representing various companies and brands both in printed media, photography, film and online.

  • Language Weavers Inc. / Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania2010 - 2011


    As part of a young and dynamic team, I contributed to providing translations on demand and to building translation software, for various US, Dutch and Belgian clients. The content was mainly websites of hospitality providers (hotels, resorts, travel agencies, tourism institutions). The languages I worked with were Dutch, English and French. All translations were delivered on deadlines.

  • Office Depot Inc. / Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania2008 - 2010


    My responsibilities here were meant to ensure the smooth flow of goods from our suppliers to our end customers and to secure timely contractual payments for our services. I have thus reviewed existing orders and collected due invoices; handled complaints related to delivered products, issued refunds and executed back-office tasks. I was able to fulfill the needs of Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg-based clients in their respective native languages. Due to delivering satisfying results, our Accounts Receivable/Payable team grew to 30 people within months.

  • Maximus Estates SRL / Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania2008 - 2008


    Here I was charged with providing both the management and the clients with reports and analyses, as well as enlarge the client network of the company. My principal tasks were to maintain awareness of trends within the local real estate market and prepare reports, establish and maintain contact with new partners and clients, set up business relations and advertise the company online.

  • IDP Australia / Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands2007 - 2008


    Our clients came looking for advice on furthering their studies; my main task was to coach and recommend options, using a large database and a worldwide network of contacts with various educational facilities. The telephone, email, fax and Skype were my secondary tools. As test proctor, I monitored the English-language tests by keeping track of time, distributing materials to test takers, recording attendance and ensuring a safe and orderly test environment.


English C2